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The village of Douglas had initially been named Center Grove. The village name was changed when the railroad came through the village.

Originally the Douglas Center Grove Cemetery was located on the SE edge of town. Due to the wet conditions of that area it became necessary to move it. The cemetery was moved to the NW hill of the village, this is the location of the cemetery today.

The land on the NW hill was donated by the Allen and Salley farms about 1871. However, there are burials prior to that date but there are no records regarding them.

Douglas Center Grove Cemetery Association was formed on April 20, 1893.

In 1897 Gustav and Louise Klann donated the "first addition" to Douglas Center Grove Cemetery. The Klann family purchased land previously owned by the Allen family, one of the families that donated land initially for Douglas Center Grove Cemetery.

In 1911 Gustav and Louise donated the "second addition" to Douglas Center Grove Cemetery.

In December 1948 Stella Klann donated the land to build the West Driveway. Prior to the cemetery west drive, the hearse would cross the Klann pasture, then lift the coffin over the fence for burials on the west side.

In 1978 Connie and David Klann donated the "Klann Addition", this addition has 196 lots. This gift will allow the cemetery growth for many years to come.

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