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Douglas Center Grove Cemetery

Even though Douglas Center Grove Cemetery has an Oronoco Minnesota address, the cemetery is located in the small community of Douglas Minnesota in Olmsted County - just a few miles from Rochester Minnesota. Get Directions Here

Douglas Minnesota was once named Center Grove, which is how the Douglas Center Grove Cemetery got it's name.

Lots are available, our cemetery have a committed board that keeps the cemetery looking great. It is a very peaceful and well maintained. Check out the Lot Info for details on lots.

If you are interested in joining the committee that cares for the well being of Douglas Center Grove Cemetery please call one of the contacts.

To view our annual newsletter and goals.

A useful resource is the Find A Grave website. You could use this website to find a grave site in Douglas Center Grove Cemetery or other cemeteries.  This site is not maintained or updated by any individual cemetery so recent information probably will not be available or total accuracy not guaranteed.

If you have comments, suggestions, or feedback regarding this website, send an email to or call anyone on the contact list.

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