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Lot Site Information Douglas Center Grove Cemetery

Douglas Center Grove Cemetery
Douglas, MN
A very peaceful place to spend eternity

Cost of site is $300.00 at this time -
additional cost for grave opening depending on type of burial (cremation or traditional) and the season

Head stone cremation burial cost is $250 at this time.  (Note: this cost also applies to the new bench style head stone where the creation ashes can be put in the leg supports of the bench.) 

One cemetery "lot" is 18 feet x 18 feet- a "lot" contains 8 burial sites

One burial "site" is 4 ½ feet x 9 feet long

One burial "site" can have one monument and one military marker

Wider monuments will require 2 "sites"

All monument bases must have a memorial stand pole receptacle when installed

Multiple cremations can be on one "site" but only one monument per "site"

Cremation burials are not allowed on a traditional grave "site"

Cremation burial, at this time, do not require vaults

Traditional burials require a vault

All monuments and military marker installations must be prior approved by the cemetery board

$100 perpetual care fee required for a deed transfer

Cremation pet burial are allowed on a cremation burial "sites", this must be approved by the board. A fee of $100 is charged, we will dig the hole

Flowers: ground containers for flowers and artificial flowers must be removed within two (2) weeks after memorial day

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